About us

Greetings, Soul family!

I am Hunter Breeze, a Mother, an oracle for the Most High, author and the list goes on. You may have come across me as "Breeze" on TikTok under @breezetales, where I share my spiritual knowledge to help people unlock their God given gifts and protect themselves from negative spiritual attacks. I have dedicated my life to this cause, and I am excited to introduce you to my latest offering - Golden Temple Remedies Spiritual Bath Teas! 

From a young age, I was gifted with spiritual abilities, and over the past 8 years, I have honed and expanded my skills. I am now excited to help others discover and utilize their own spiritual abilities, encouraging each person to believe in the power within themselves.

If you are looking for a powerful tool to protect yourself from hexes, spiritual attacks, and energy harvesting, I highly recommend trying my specially formulated spiritual bath teas. These bath teas not only banish negative energy, but also rejuvenate and cleanse your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and protected in no time. Plus, they smell wonderful!

I invite you to explore the power of spiritual protection with me and join me on this incredible journey of spiritual growth and discovery. We can unlock your full potential and embrace the gifts you have been given.

Warmest regards,

Hunter Breeze